Cinco de Mayo

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Sometimes all you need is a little sun, surf and some frickin' good tacos... some of the best of which were consumed on our little jaunt to the southern tip of Baja, Mexico.  

Staying, as luck would have it, during a week-long lull between a tropical storm and a massive hurricane, we immersed ourselves in the dry cactus-studded seascape. We fought the chop and rip at Playa Los Cerritos and reveled in the clean swells at Old Man's fronting the Cabo Surf Hotel. We four-wheeled it to Punta Lobos where fishing pangas lined the beach, and to Las Palmas, where a mean shore break gobbled up my sunglasses with one surprise exhalation from its pretty crescent mouth. We strolled under a sweltering sun through artsy Todos Los Santos and along La Paz's sleepy coastline. We circled the arch of Cabo San Lucas and climbed the crags of Playa del Amor. We shuffled across the warm shallows of Balandra Beach and beheld the mushroom rock. At the end of each day, sweaty and tired, we grabbed tacos at one of the two joints lining the dusty road in El Pescadero. Chewing in silence, our gaze would meet, slowly returning inward in mutual enlightenment. Despite everything seen and done, we knew, nothing in the world at that moment could be more satisfying than the melting richness of pork fat followed by a swig of cold beer.  

Cheers to your next adventure.  



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