A National Geographic Moment

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Three-toed sloth photographed en route to Nivida bat cave on Isla Bastimentos, Bocas del Toro, Panama. I was told sloths climb down to the lower regions of trees in order to go to the bathroom. This little fella was at the bottom on his way up... hmm

And a red frog the size of a dime. Pretty slick.

And the bat cave. Clinging to a thin stalactite ridge while treading cold water with a forceful current from the spring draining from the wall to my left, wearing borrowed rubber boots that were on the verge of slipping off into the deep. Maybe it wasn't that deep, but it sure felt deep. Boots were to help trek through the guano mud. Walking through the cave wasn't that scary, just a bit precarious keeping your footing in dim-to-zero light and trying not to bump into anything. Nevertheless, the woman behind me started screaming. One way in, one way out!

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