Ode to Mother Ocean

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With a heart as generous as the sea
she breathes life into me
tickles my chin with white-tipped tresses
and laps my feet with gentle caresses

When the wind picks up her hugs grow deep
the thunder claps, she sings me to sleep
carries me onward to a sunlit beach
with skies so wide, stars shine within reach

One day I leap to grab them and it grows cold
the sand is soft, I fall, no hand to hold
I turn around and she begins to shout
surges against me, yet I push and kick out

There's danger, she rushes, foams in my ear
I dive under her rolls, pretend not to hear 
driven by wonder, I pretend not to care
just want to be who I am, live as I dare

Then I see it coming, looming high and fast
is she sad, is she angry, will she punish me at last?
Enveloping me she pushes me high above 
and I am buoyed, salt-drenched, soaring on love


surf water

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