About Us

Saltrich is the appreciation for life, whoever you are, however you are, wherever you are. It's about being in the present and giving it all you got. Discovering your truth as you face unknown waves, ride high, get knocked down and stand back up - experiencing life's flow, without letting it just flow by. Finding harmony and humility in a wild universe. Saltrich is a lifestyle unmeasured by numbers or things, by what's in or out, by who's right or wrong. It's simply a joy that comes from arriving back at shore, spent, feeling a firm earth beneath our feet, a warm sun on our bodies, and lungs alive with the air of a vast sea.


Kenn OKENN O. Designer, surfer, skater and east coast urban escapee. Favorite beats: EDM, old school hip hop and crashing waves. Enjoys long coastal/mountain bike rides and nighttime long boarding.

Dan BDAN. Media guru, surfer, sailor and STOKED mentor. Favorite beers: Saint Archer, Long Ireland and Montauk... and others. Enjoys running marathons, making sure his kid doesn't break anything and reading Old Man and the Sea